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Discover your true self through our immersive personality quiz. Unleash your talents and discover your ideal career path for a lifelong success.
Personality quiz
Join our supportive IAM community, a safe space to seek advice, ask questions, and forge meaningful connections with professionals and peers.
Supportive community
Connect with experienced mentors for personalized guidance on your desired career. Receive tailored advice and take confident steps towards your goals.
Experienced mentors
Experience our exclusive video library, featuring interviews with renowned professionals from diverse fields. Gain valuable insights and inspiration unavailable anywhere else
Exclusive video library
Learn more about your favourite professions from tailored interviews.
Match with a specialist in his/ her area of expertise.
Get a realistic taste of different professions through AR technology.
Join IAM community to seek advice and share your experience with others.
Find out what professions match the best with your personality.
Pass a personality test to discover your inherent talents and capabilities.
1. Personality test
Uncover the remarkable potential within you by exploring your unique strengths, weaknesses, and areas for growth. Our friendly and comprehensive personality quiz will provide you with key insights into your abilities, personality traits, and the best-suited career paths.

It’s a crucial step because without knowing who you truly are, you cannot make objective decisions about what career is best for you. Knowing your true self is crucial for making informed decisions about your future, and we genuinely believe that your happiness and fulfillment lie in finding a job you truly love and excel at.

2. Interviews
Explore our vast collection of interviews with professionals from various fields. From business leaders to artists, you'll gain valuable insights and inspiration from highly successful experts. Our video library provides in-depth coverage of different professions, allowing you to understand what it takes to pursue each one.

For instance, if your aspiration is to become an influencer, we will guide you through the journey by uncovering the requirements, time commitment, daily routines, common challenges, and potential opportunities associated with being an influencer. Our goal is to equip you with the knowledge needed to make informed decisions about your desired career path.
3. Mentors
We provide you with a wide selection of mentors who are experienced professionals in different fields. These mentors are ready to share their knowledge and expertise with you through one-on-one interactions.

You can chat with them and ask any questions you may have. Maybe you've taken the personality quiz, explored professions in IAM video library but still have unanswered questions and doubts. Then, this is your chance to get clarity by directly speaking with people who have years fo experience and all the answers.


“I’m curious”
$ 15
“I want to see some more”
$ 55
Personality test
Personality test
Access to 1 video interview
“All inclusive”
$ 125
“I go for it”
$ Upon request
Duration: one week
Where: Switzerland
Personality test
Unlimited access to our video library (for 1 month)
On-site exploration of different careers
45 min chat with a mentor
Visit of renown companies
/ AR experience
Limitless access to video library (for 1 month)

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